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Very often we have people who walk-in and show us a sketch on the back of a bar napkin and say "I want this printed on a shirt, how much is this going to cost me?" Unfortunately screenprinting isn't that easy; you didn't come to our site for a tutorial so we'll skip to the factors we consider important (if you're a curious one, check this info graphic out.)

There are three main factors that go into the pricing of a screen print project are- 1) item being printed on 2) art 3) colors and location.

We do not have a minimum order but recommend at least 12 pieces for a reasonable per piece cost.

1- Item- You're welcome to bring your own items but keep in mind anything with a 40%+ synthetic material will be limited to a one color design or there is a high risk of the material melting. We have access to a wide range of clothing through our suppliers and unless a client is set on a specific brand not only is it generally comparable but always more cost effective. Within our selection, we curate our products in accordance with the latest trends and popularity.

2- Art- This is always a tricky one- any physical sketch or verbal explanation of what you're looking for will always help big time! But unless you're a graphic designer or have had the design printed before we need to have the art files in a very specific format. If your art file is not in a vector format we send it to our artist and he takes a stab at it. Our art fees are $25 for the first two proofs and additional $10 for each additional proof.

If you'd prefer to work with an artist direct, we have a whole network of artists we'd be happy to refer you to. This will save you money and us time!

3- Colors and location- Almost should be a subsection of the art but it is a big factor for the actual printing process. Each color and each location requires a separate run of the product and dependent on the color of the clothing it may call for an additional treatment. IE- A tshirt with 3 color front 3 color back and a 1 color sleeve logo requires the shirt to be screened 7 times dried 7 times and darker color fabric calls for an additional flash. In short that means 7 different screens, and the shirt is handled a total of 15 times to include packaging.

Now you see why it isn't as easy as "hey your awesome idea sketched on the back of a bar napkin costs $15/shirt"

I used Uniforms by Logo Express to order scrubs for the incoming med school class at Tulane. During the ordering process they were extremely engaging and responsive, we were offered a range of options and ended up picking a set of scrubs that were excellent quality at a great price. The actual product far exceeded expectations- the logo was well stitched with great detail and of the 232 sets ordered they were personally delivered and well packaged. Great prices and attentive service- what more could you ask for from a business?

~Bolaji A.

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