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General Hey, thanks for reading. Aside from working on our passions at Uniforms by Logo Express, we're also everyday consumers. Like everyone else we've experienced frustrations from mismatched expectations, we don't want any of our valuable customers to experience those unnecessary frustrations. So we took some time to spell out our policies,to keep it simple and straightforward- you agree by entering into a transaction with Uniforms by Logo Express you had read, understood and accepted our terms and conditions.

Payment- We accept cash, credit and debit for all in store transactions, we reserve the right to request ID for all card transactions. For all other transactions we offer multiple flexible options to include- cash, credit, google wallet, and business checks. Clients are welcome to leave a card on file for repeating or one time charges, once the appropriate forms are completed.

Layaway- Our layaway terms are as follows- 33% as a initial deposit, and 30 day terms, no additional hidden fees. After 30 days any unpaid items are considered abandoned, and a 15% restocking fee applies. The remaining balance will be put on a gift card and available for pick up at the customer’s convenience.Layaway is not offered year round, please ask any of our friendly sales associate for further details.

Deposits- All custom projects require a 50% deposit unless agreed otherwise. On the same note we will not charge your payment method on file until your project is production ready.

Promotions- We're not the type of company who use dishonest marketing tactics to bring customers in the stores. There are very well defined goals we're trying to achieve with our ads, we will do our best to honor any promotions; but reserve the right to deny any promotions for any reason. We do limit one promotion or discount to each order.

Special order items- If there are specific sizes or styles you are interested in which we either are out of stock or don't normally carry, we're happy to order it for you; no additional fees apply, but item dependent, a deposit may be required. All special order items abide by the “Custom Projects and Wholesale orders” terms and conditions section below.

Customer compliments and complaints- We at Uniforms by Logo Express consider ourselves as self-improvement addicts. If there is a easier or smarter way to do something we're all ears. Please contact customer.relations@nolauniforms.com or any supervisor will be happy to listen!

Sizing- We provide dressing rooms at all our locations so our customers can ensure appropriate fit. If customers cannot physically try on the item, a sizing spec sheet will be provided upon request. Custom and wholesale orders will be filled in accordance with the sizes provided by the customer. We're happy to address any sizing issues in accordance with our returns and exchange policy.

Returns and Exchanges- As we've grown as a company, our offerings have substantially grown along with it. For the sake of simplicity we classify our offerings into three categories- Plain items, logoed uniforms and custom items. All items must be unworn, unwashed, with attached original tags and receipt. All exchange and return transactions must take place in the same store it was purchased from.

Custom Projects and Wholesale orders Recommended minimums- We at Uniforms by Logo Express know real life may not always come in nice little packages of one dozen, so we see no reason to force you to pay for what you don't need. We've designed our offerings to provide flexibility to match every occasion. Although we recommend a 12 piece minimum for a reasonable per piece cost, we're happy to match your needs; you are the customer after all.

Order fulfillment timeline- We know and understand the importance of supporting a local economy, so we keep all our production local to the GNO area. All custom projects come with a 21 full day turnaround, starting from when designs are approved; but generally come back sooner. Does not apply to backordered items. If you have a specific timeline you must meet, please inform our sales associate; we will try our best to meet it- additional fee may apply.

School Uniform 15 day Guarantee- In an effort to help minimize anxiety during Back to School shopping season, Uniforms by Logo Express is offering a 15 day school uniform turn around guarantee. If a customer places and pays for an special order Polo in full, on a out of stock Polo, 15 days prior to the first actual day of school (not to include- orientation, registration days, etc.) we promise your scholar will be able to start their first day of classes in their primary mandatory polo shirt uniform. If we fail to meet this guarantee your scholar’s first polo is on us. Remember: Order must be placed 15 full days prior to the first day of school, and the guarantee is only limited to the Primary Mandatory Uniform Polo without further customization.

Color variation- Although our goal is customer satisfaction, we don't control the color settings on your phone or computer display. We will do everything in our power to meet our customer's expectations, but we maintain an acceptable range of color and shading variation in our products.

Pickup and delivery- All custom projects include free notifications once the order is completed, if we are unable to reach you after 3 attempts in the first week. We will use every reasonable option to attempt contact for 30 days. After 30 days, the order is considered abandoned and donated to local shelters. Discounted delivery is available and free delivery for orders for $500+.

At pickup our associates are happy to review your order with you and inspect your awesome creation. At the end of the joint inspection, we ask our customers for a signature confirming pickup and accuracy of their order. We ask all our customers to ensure their order is accurate prior to leaving the store.

Packaging- We're an environmentally conscious company; therefore we reuse all cardboard boxes when we can. You may find your order in a reused box. We do offer gift packaging as an alternative, if there is someone special you want to impress!

Customer provided items- We're happy to print or embroider on anything, we do ask if you're providing an item that it be undamaged and clean. As with all our work, we take special care when embroidering on customer provided items; unfortunately with large variances in quality control between manufacturers we must release all liability of potential damage to a customer provided item.

Out of stock items- Though we're just a local small business our supply chain spans the far reaches of the world; there are rare occurrences where unforeseen hiccups happen and a item is no longer available. In these rare occurrences ULE will offer a comparable if not better alternative at the quoted price.

Quality Control- Customer satisfaction is paramount at the end of the day, but we wanted to share our industry standard for custom projects. For the lack of better terms, the industry refers to the standard as “arms length QC”. We use this method which takes a practical approach to examining the finished product; it means exactly what you think- if it looks right from arms length, then it passes our internal quality control standards.

Special Requests- In the custom printing world, options for our clients are endless. We at Uniforms by Logo Express will try our very best to meet each and every one of those unique requests. We pledge to never substitute a substandard product in-lieu of the high quality products we sell.

Art Art Creation- is defined as any design which is being created from an idea, sketch, or combination of images.

Art edits- are defined as any small modifications; where the overall integrity of the design is not affected, digital (non-photo) image of your desired design- this includes vector conversion and embroidery conversion.

Mockups- Mockups for custom projects are digital representations of the finished product. The final product may differ slightly, physical mockups available upon request; fees may apply.

Rights to art and print- When a customer brings a design in, we assume you have the rights to duplicate the design and release all liability of any protected infringements. During project production only PDF formats of the designs will be released to the customer, upon completion of the transaction; source files will be released upon request. Embroidery files are considered machine command files, although you maintain the rights to the logo; embroidery files are sold at $50 upon request.

Account Client Sales *New Accounts- *If you're a local business or organization who's looking for an ongoing relationship, speak to one of our managers and we'll setup an account for you. Once an account is established you will be provided with a running price list. In addition, once we complete our first transaction, we're happy to offer alternative payment options.

Pricing change- In this global economy price fluctuations can be drastic and radical without notice. We can't predict these changes, but we won't pass the burden onto you. Price lists provided are good valid for the current quarter period of the year. Your design consultant will provide updated price lists upon request.

Samples and sizing kits- We're happy to send sample kits to any of our account clients. In order to keep an accurate count of all outstanding sample merchandise, all samples will be accompanied with a modified 30 day invoice which will serve as a inventory list. The sample kit will be inventoried on a repeating basis, items will be replaced as necessary and billed accordingly. If you decide to cease our business relationship you have 30 days to return the sample kit, or we will bill you accordingly.

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